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CVD or Cultured Diamonds compared to traditional or mined diamonds

With the technology of today, there is no need to extract diamonds from the earth. Mined or traditional diamonds harm the environment. Traditional diamonds have also been known for violating human rights and financing wars.

CVD diamonds are clearly the right choice when choosing a perfect diamond that lasts forever.
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CVD, or cultured diamonds are the only true 100% conflict-free diamonds in the world. Chemically, physically, anatomically, and optically identical to mined diamonds. CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) diamonds are produced using ultra-pure carbon-rich gases in a controlled laboratory environment. Our diamonds are classified as type IIa diamonds, which are rare accounting for less than two percent of all diamonds worldwide. Our diamond selection is among the purest, highest-quality, investment grade diamonds available on the market. We price these diamonds significantly lower than mined diamonds. All of the diamonds we carry are certified and laser inscribed by leading independent gemological laboratories in the United States.

Please note that CVD diamonds are REAL diamonds not to be confused with diamond simulants or fake diamonds.

Please support the sale of CVD diamonds which are truly the only 100% conflict free diamonds in the world.

There are still many problems associated with mined/traditional diamonds:

  • Mining causes major environmental damage worldwide.
  • Countless human rights violations have been committed.
  • Sales from mined diamonds have been used to finance wars.
  • “With a growing consciousness towards ourselves, the planet, and the technology that is available to us - we do not need to buy mined diamonds. CVD diamonds are clearly the right choice especially when you are choosing a diamond to represent your eternal love.” -- Wilkes Barre Gold Inc.